If I see a student in The Duston School uniform out of school during the day and I am concerned, should I contact the school?

Whilst older students may have good reason to be traveling to and from work/college placements or to medical appointments unaccompanied, we would prefer to know if you are concerned.  Please contact us on 01604 460004 and if possible give a description of the student/s and the colour of the flash on the lapel of the blazer.

Where do I go if I have an appointment at The Duston School?

Please report to Main Reception where you will be signed into the school and the person with whom you have the appointment notified.  Parking is available for visitors by the Swimming Pool Annexe.  Disabled parking is available immediately outside the front of the building.

How much homework should we expect students to have?

Students enter the details of any homework given into their Student Passport along with the completion deadline.  Amounts of homework can vary by subject and by year groups.  While there may be opportunities to complete homework at lunchtimes or after school, most should be done at home.

If parents note the absence of homework from a particular subject then please contact the subject teacher.

Who should my child speak to if they have a concern about an aspect of their learning?

The first call should be their subject teacher.  If they feel unable to discuss a concern with their subject teacher, they should mention it to their Form Tutor, who will pass it on to the Director of Learning for that department.

Who should parents contact if they feel a Teaching and Learning issue is affecting their child?

Concerns should be directed to the teacher of that subject.

Who can I speak to if I feel that my concerns about Teaching and Learning have not been addressed?

Ideally, these should be raised initially, with the member of staff dealing with the matter, to see if the matter can be resolved. If you feel that the matter needs further action, contact should be made with Head of Faculty for that subject.

Who should my child speak to if they are unhappy due to friendship issues which might impact on their work or that have the potential to become more serious?

This is best discussed initially with your child’s Form Tutor and then the Head of Year if the problem persists.

Who should my child speak to if they are being bullied?

Students should report any bullying to their Form Tutor, or any member of staff they feel able to confide in. If is a single incident, a teacher nearby may be able to resolve the issue immediately. If it is an ongoing issue, it is likely to take a little longer to sort out. The school employs a Well-Being team,  and students and parents can contact any member of the team to discuss concerns.

Who should parents contact if they feel a bullying issue is affecting their child?

Concerns should be directed, initially, to the Form Tutor or Head of Year. Bullying issues can be complex and in some cases, the bullying may re start, even after it has stopped for a while. In this case it is very important that the matter is shared immediately so that further work can be done to address the problems.

Who can I speak to if I feel that my concerns about bullying have not been addressed?

Ideally, these should be raised initially, with the member of staff dealing with the matter, to see if the matter can be resolved. If you feel that the matter needs further action, contact should be made with the  Guidance Team (Student Wellbeing).

How do I pay for school items and trips?

Payment for school trips and other school related activities are made through Parent Pay.  Parent Pay is a highly secure payment site which gives you the freedom to make payments to school whenever and wherever you like.  We will send you an activation letter containing your temporary username and password to enable you to setup your Parent Pay account. During the activation process you will be guided through changing your username and password to something more memorable; you can also merge your accounts if you have more than one child at The Duston School.

Important changes to Parentpay 

There have been some recent changes to Parentpay. The system now allows you to top up, hold a balance on your account and then make payments as and when required. This means that you can easily budget your school costs by topping up an amount in advance. This does however mean that you will need to add the funds to your account before making payment for any services.

1.    Select the Top up My Account button and either choose an amount listed or enter the amount you wish to add.

2.    Follow the prompts to make payment to your account.

3.    On the final screen click Pay for items now

4.    Select the tab of child you wish to make a payment for or click Pay for items button.

5.    Find the item you wish to pay for and select View details and pay.

6.    Enter the amount that needs to be paid and select Pay now

7.    Check the details and commit by selecting Confirm payment

We would ask that you check your account to ensure that you have completed payment for the service/s required.

Should you require assistance or require confirmation from the school that payment has been received against a specific service please email parentpay@thedustonschool.org

Please note that we do not currently offer the facility to pay for school meals through Parentpay.

What do I do if my child needs to take medication while in school or needs to attend a medical appointment?

If your child needs to take medication during the school day please contact Student Services for advice on 01604 598943.  For medical appointments please provide the medical documentation and an exit slip will be given to your child.

What happens if my child misplaces some belongings while in school?

All lost property is taken to Student Services and should be the first place to ask if an item has been handed in.  However, we ask that your child does not bring personal valuable items into school.

Holidays during Term Time

Please be aware that in accordance with National Guidelines, The Duston School does not authorise holidays during term time. If you take your child out of school for a family holiday it will be noted on their records as ‘unauthorised absence’ and will have an impact on their attendance. It is important to us that every student attends 100% of the time – that means, every day of the school year. Please therefore do not take your child out of school in term time.

Also, please note that we ask parents where possible to arrange medical appointments out of school hours. Where this is not possible medical appointments should be arranged either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon. We will only authorise a half day absence for a medical appointment on production of a medical appointment card.

Where can I find more information on free school meals and/or school transport?The Local Authority will be able to help you and provide further information by contacting:

To view the website for Free School Meals please follow the below link:

Free School Meals

Application form link: Free School Meals application and eligibility checker

If you have a query regarding Free School Meals, please call Northamptonshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000.

How do I make arrangements for my child to gain a place at The Duston School?

The Local Authority handle admissions into Year 7 and Reception in the primary phase.  For in year admissions we follow the Northamptonshire Co-ordinated in-Year Admissions Scheme so to apply for a place you need to fill in the Northamptonshire Admissions Form which is available on the Northamptonshire County Council Website.  You may also ask to be added to our waiting lists.  To be placed on our waiting lists you need to contact our Admissions team by emailing admissions@thedustonschool.org or calling 01604 460004. Please state:

  • Child’s legal name, date of birth, current school and home address.

  • Names of any siblings at the same address that attend The Duston School.

  • Your name and contact details including day and evening telephone numbers.